How to get to Hotel Veraneras del Quindío, Pueblo Tapao, Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia?

North: 4o  30´  37.2” West: -75º 47´ 8.3”
Altitude: 1.279

In Armenia exists restricted access for vehicles in the center zone of the city from 8am until 8pm. Cars with license plates ending in the following numbers are not allowed to enter on one day of the week. Monday: numbers 1-2, Tuesday: 3-4, Wednesday: 5-6, Thursday: 7-8, Friday: 9-0.

If You head the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío from Bogotá, firstly You have to get to the municipality of Calarcá, right afterwards there will be Armenia. Go down 19th avenue (carrera 19) in Southern direction and search for 50th street (calle 50), turn right, proceed until You leave the city. Continue on the street until Pueblo Tapao. As soon as You arrive to the village follow down the main street until the 13th corner. In other words, the hotel is situated about 5 blocks from the entrance to Pueblo Tapao.

If You head the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío from the department of Valle del Cauca passing La Paila, the first municipality within Quindío will be la Tebaida. Proceed on the same street until the Parque del Café. The first village You will meet afterwards will be Pueblo Tapao. Go down the main street, after 2 blocks You will find the hotel on Your right hand.

If You head the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío from Medellín You will find sign showing the way to the Parque del Café right after entering the department of Quindío. Follow the signage and You will pass Circasia and Montenegro. After arriving to the Parque del Café, proceed on the same road and You will find Pueblo Tapao after about 4 kilometers. About 5 blocks down the main street the hotel is located on the left.

If You arrive to Armenia by airplane, You can catch a taxi to the hotel. The costs will vary between $35000 and $40000 (ask the prize before entering the taxi). If You head the hotel by bus, catch a local bus from the transportation terminal of Armenia, which says Pueblo Tapao ($2200), and ask the driver to drop You at the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío.

The Hotel Veraneras del Quindío is located on Pueblo Tapao main street on 13th corner (municipality of Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia).

Village with 2500 inhabitants with a tourist accomodation:

  • 4 kilometers from the Parque del Café, Montenegro
  • 5 kilometers from "Paraiso del Bambú y la Guadua"
  • 12 kilometers from El Edén Airport, Armenia
  • 15 kilometers Canopy, Montenegro
  • 15 kilometers from the Parque de la Vida, Armenia
  • 16 kilometers from the Jardín Botánico (Butterfly Garden), Calarcá
  • 18 kilometers from the Museo Quimbaya, Armenia
  • 18 kilometers from the RECUCA in Barcelona, Calarcá
  • 12 kilometers from the "Balsaje por el Río la Vieja, between Montenegro and Quimbaya
  • 14 kilometers from the Parque de la Arriería, Quimbaya
  • 19 kilometers from the PANACA, Quimbaya
  • 22 kilometers from the adventure sports site Peñas Blancas, Calarcá
  • 25 kilometers from the Centro experimental del Bambú y la Guadua, Córdoba
  • 38 kilometers from Buenavista
  • 39 kilometers from the "Caficultur", Buenavista
  • 40 kilometers from Salento
  • 45 kilometers from the Valle de Cócora – Palma de cera (wax palm) of Quindío, Salento
  • 50 kilometers from Filandia
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