The following prizes are according to the high and low season. The high season incudes: The week of Easter, Colombian school vacations in October and the period from the 26th of December until the 20th of January. 

The prices are per person and night.

AccomodationHigh seasonLow season
Single (1 person per room) $100.000 $64.000/festive or weekend: $90.000
Double (from 2 persons on) $55.000 per person $50.000 per person
children (2 to 10 years) $45.000 $40.000

Remember that the prices include the guided tour to a regional coffee and banana farm and the daily breakfast (Plan Continental). And dont hesitate to contact us, so that we can coordinate your stay.

Pagos Seguros en Lnea

Tourist attractions


Finca La Alsacia, in the Vereda Palonegro de Buenavista, Quindío, Colombia; Its the perfect place to live all the experiences connected to a special coffee and the life and passion of thousands of coffee farmer families.

The experience starts by taking a Jeep Willys which will get You to the Finca la Alsacia. 

You can harvest coffee, learn to inspect the coffees quality, help roasting and grinding it in order to get the best fragrance and use the fincas coffee to prepare this special drink for You right afterwards. At the same time You will have the opportunity to get in touch with the life on a coffee finca, the habits, traditions, sayings and songs. Furtherore You can take part in preparing the traditional dishes inculding beans, sancocho and arepa.

Since $35.000 You can enjoy of walking with people and natural environment


Parque Nacional del Café

Parque del Café: a 4 kilometers from our tourist accomodation

(Tour: All day)

A park that shows the regional coffee cultur with two highlights: The coffee culture itself and amusement attractions.

The 7 adventures passport (pasaporte 7 aventuras) inculdes the 4 culture activities and three amusement attractions. The multiple passport (pasaporte múltiple) or the multiple kids passport (pasaporte mutiple niños) include all the activities with mostly unlimited access.

Recommendation for all kind of ticket-holders: Dont miss the coffee show (Show del Café), You will have to check the times, and dont miss a walk on the coffe trail (sendero de Café) either.

7 Adventures $55.000
Multiple Kids (120 cm) $48.000
Multiple $63.000

The park is open form Wednesday to Sunday and opens at 9 in the morning. In high season it is open all week.

From our Hotel Veraneras del Quindío You can go by Jeep Willis (the common public transportation in Quindío). The ride will cost $2000 until the Parque del Café.


19 Kilometer from Hotel Veraneras del Quindío


Agricultural park that shows several topics like agriecology, agronomy, sericulture and shows with different species: minor animals, livestock, horses, pigs and dogs. 

Philosophy: "Without Countryside, no City" ("Sin Campo, no hay Ciudad")

Prize passport "Terra": $70000

remember the PANACA is just open from Tuesdaz to Sundaz in low season and all the week in high season.



Comfortable shoes. dont drink water from the tickles within the park, they are just for refreshing the body.

Enter the park at 9am to be able to enjoy all of the parks activities.

During the stay in the park, keep the map, Your position and the times of the shows, so that You dont miss any attraction.

After leaving the PANACA, you can go for a good coffee and a walk on the main street in Quimbaya.


18 kilometers from our tourist accomodation Hotel Veraneras del Quindío

(Trip: 3 hours)

RECUCA (Recorrido por la Cultura Cefetera): Coffee Culture Walk, activity in which You have the opportunity to experience the regions unique coffe culture with real cafeteros on a coffee farm.

The lunch (or Bitute) is a delicious bandeja montañera that You should miss. If You wish to have lunch on the trip please inform the hotel before.

Adults (over 90 cm) $23.000

Children (under 90 cm)



16 kilometers from the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío

(Trip: 3 hours)

Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico), that offers a butterfly farm, an insect house, the Tunel de la Linea museum and much more that makes it worth visiting this attraction.

Children and Seniors $16.000
Adults $32.000

Children enjoy the reduced price from 3 to 12 years of age. Seniors have to be at least 60 years old.

The garden is opened to visitors all week. We suggest to arrive in the morning to see the butterflies being most active.

The entrance closes at 3:00 pm.

Balsaje Río La Vieja

12 kilometers from our tourist accommodatin

(Trip: all-day)

Rafting-trip on the Río La Vieja using the mean of transportation that was used by the Quimbaya natives. Direct transportation from and to the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío in Jeep Willys. The typical lunch "fiambre", a guide, a walk and a visit to the waterfalls.

Children up to 5 years $40.000
Older than 5 years $68.000

Parque Agroecológico La Tierra Prometida

(Trip: all-day)

In the municipality of Salento, agroecologic park, with the motto: Let us live in harmony with the nature. Here You will find several activities like the bromelia, senses, anturios or Quindío path. Furthermore the Cerro de la Panocha is close and there exist many more activities that will make You enjoy our regional natur to the full extend.


Entry $12.000
Holy Land $40.000

Heading the park You will have to take the avenida centenario in Armenia and take the vía antigua to Salento crossing the San Juan de Carolinas path. From here on You will find signs pointing the way to the park.

Parque de la Arriería

(Trip: all-day)

Parque de la Arriería (Muleteer park): Here You can get to know muleteers and their show, a bamboo path, dances, traditional games, the lantern show, a mill, the national path and much more.

Muleteer $38.000

Parque de la Vida

(Trip: 1 hour)

Park in the middle of Armenie, which offers paths, water cascades and typical natural landscapes. In December the park is full of beautiful light installations.

If You like running, You can take Your sport shoes and enjoy the excellent running way within the park.

If You would like to observe the huge variety of birds, remember to take binoculars, a camera and a book of Colombias bird species.

Entrance: $2.000

Museo Quimbaya

(Trip: 1 hour)

Museum that permits a look into this indigenous cultures history and arqueological handcraft. Highlighted should be the arquitecture of this compound and its beautiful gardens. The museum won, thanks to architect Rogelio Salmona, the national architectural prize.

Sundays a clay workshop takes place at 3:00 pm and frequently really interesting cultural activities take place in this museum.


Free entry. Mondays and on public holidays the museum is closed.

Bambú y Guadua

BAMBOO TOURISM: The Paradise of Bamboo and Guadua 

Located just 5 kilometers from the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío, in Bamboo Tourism You can enjoy an interesting and guided walk of about 3 hours. As well You will find a vivarium, hand crafts, furniture and much more.

Open all week. Reservation necessary.

Tour price: $45.000

Furthermore exists a bamboo therapy, ask for more information!


Currently under construction.

Located 22 kilometers from the Hotel Veraneras del Quindío. We highly recommend a tour guide for the approx. 2 hour walk. The Center is property of the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Quindío (CRQ).

Entrance: $8.000

Other attractions in the municipalities of Quindío

Salento Oldest municipality of Quindío. Outstanding for its architecture, gastronomy, beautiful views, handcrafts, trout breeding places, bird sightings and its good coffee, it is the cradle for the national tree.
Filandia Traditional architecture, great coffee, a breathtaking view, lots of handcrafts and birds to watch.
Armenia Capital of Quindío, we recommend its main parks, the cathedral and its churches, the Museo Quimbaya, the Parque de la Vida, its murals and the canyoning. "Yipao" parade in October. High quality handcrafts and good coffee.
Calarcá Architecture, gastronomy, handcrafts, Reinado Nacional del Café, very good coffee.
Montenegro Architecture, gastronomy, handcrafts, Concurso Nacional Cuyabrito de Oro, Reinado departamental del Café, Bambooturism, good coffee.
Circasia Plaza de Bolivar, Cementerio Libre, great view, good coffee.
Génova Architecture, great view, bird watching, good coffee.
Buenavista Plaza principal, great view, bird watching, "Caficultur" walk, great coffee.
Córdoba Architecture, great view, plaza principal, good coffee, handcrafts and guadua, "Pacea".
Pijao Great view, architecture, plaza principal, good coffee, "Ciudad Lenta".
La Tebaida Great view, adventure sports.
Quimbaya Festival of candles and lanterns in December, handcrafts and good coffee.
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